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DJ for Hire

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Le 21ème Arrondissement

My friend Adam caught me downtown after work. He is a very stylish photographer and has a nice street fashion website here.

Photo by Adam Sinding



I drew a companion for the redcoat. It’s a variation on Thomas Guénot‘s look for the new year. The colors were fixed and filled in using Photoshop. Adds a very nice effect, I think, which you may see more of in the future.

Little Joy

My brother went to see Fabrizio Moretti’s side project with Rodrigo Amarante of the Brazilian band, Los Hermanos. They’re called Little Joy. They sound like The Strokes on a tropical holiday. Very fitting when its 24° outside.

Fab sent me a hug.

Have you seen my childhood?

One thing you may or may not already know about me: I adore Michael Jackson.

I was confronted on my unconditional love for and belief in Michael the other night. I thought I might try to explain why I think he is not only innocent, but also why his eccentricities are to be expected and accepted.

To begin with, he was raised from the age of 6 in a world that very few children have ever experienced. With a successful group like the Jackson 5, managed by a demanding and abusive father like Joseph Jackson, his mind was shaped by the entertainment business. This post won’t be a biography, so if you’re interested to know more specifics of Michael’s life, you can read or watch any number of books and films depicting his life so far.

First, it is important to recognize that his mind is developed in a much different way than a majority of the human race. He is a genius. A magician and a visionary. People of superior minds often hold disdain for normalcy and lack certain social skill. Think Lord Byron, Michelangelo, Telsa, and Mishima.

Do I believe he sexually abused or harmed any of the children that visited Neverland Ranch? No. In fact, I don’t believe he is sexual at all. I believe that he appreciates the beauty of a person as someone would with a piece of art. I don’t believe he has a mind that has developed sexually. I remember how I obsessed over beautiful women as a child, but I never had a thought of doing anything more with them than holding their hand, kissing, and spoiling them. He relishes in the company of children because they are his inspiration. The mind of a child is generally transparent, unprejudiced, and elastic. It is with time that the mind grows dull and confined from beating it with reason and reality. Michael’s mind has always been more artistic than human, and he has been protected in his own world for most of his life. Like a Disney character; he lacks anything above PG.

Michael Jackson’s work ethic has played a major role in making him one of the most celebrated figures in the world. As a perfectionist, he does not quit until he is satisfied with the end product. This is why his choreography has changed the world of popular dance, and his music has touched so many listeners. Unfortunately, he is also very self conscious. He struggled with acne in his teens, and was teased by his father for having a big nose. This is what led to the countless cosmetic operations he has done to his face. It is obvious he spiraled out of control with surgery after surgery. But does that really affect those who criticize his appearance? Think of how he must feel every time that he looks into a mirror. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be for him. I can only hope that he is distracted from his self image with some peace of mind and found happiness by having his own children.

He is a master of dance and song. He has a gentle heart and juvenile spirit. Michael Jackson may be from another planet, but I do not believe he could harm anyone.

Michael Jackson – Childhood

Donald Draper

I have been watching AMC’s Mad Men like mad during the past few days. I am consistently dazzled by the classic costuming and set design. I can’t wait until I have a gorgeous, tailored, charcoal suit of my own.

EDIT: Also makes me want a cigarette.