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Oliver Peoples


Whistle While You Work

Food for thought.

Or if you want to play with fire:


This almost doesn’t look real:


Band Photography

What is it that makes a great, classic band photograph?

Is it the simple focus of your faces glowing in the darkness?

The Beatles

Or is it the spectacle of your flamboyant costumes?

The Beatles

Is it the bright, shiny lights of the city behind you?

The Killers

Or is it the history between you and where you’re standing?

The Smiths

Is it putting the pretty blonde girl in the front?


Or is it the irony of representing your name?

The Blues Brothers

Is it the display of your style and beauty?

Panic At The Disco

Or the absence of it?


Is it how much fun you are having together?

The Rolling Stones

Or the action and placement of your bodies?

Franz Ferdinand

Is it that famous pose you strike?

Freddy Mercury

Or the amount of make up you wear?


Is it those sharp uniforms you found?

The Hives

Or is it the amount of skin you bare?

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Is it about turning your back on the camera?

Bruce Springsteen

Or is it those amazing LED robot helmets you have?

Daft Punk